Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Couple of Pack Rats

We made a quick trip to the Pack Rat in Fayetteville today for some last minute items, only to find a FULL parking lot.  It was the first day of their big winter clearance - sweet!  The funny thing about being inside a store with a ton of people grabbing stuff off of sale tables,is it makes you start worrying about the deals that everyone else is grabbing and you are missing out on.  It tends to create a bit of a buying frenzy.  I did stick mostly to our list though.  Besides a few "must haves," I picked up some Teva sandals that weighed next to nothing, and were 50% off!  I have really been wanting something like that to wear in towns instead of my Crocs.  The "must haves" were:  a pair of short gaiters for me, 2 mosquito head nets (it gets pretty bad in the mid-Atlantic states in the summer), and an extra zipper storage pocket that will slip on to my backpack's hip belt (to keep my camera handy).  We also found a water-proof backpack liner that fit my pack, and a nice stuff sack for Keith's new air mattress.  I am pretty sure we are done shopping for this trip, but Keith laughs whenever I say that - but I really mean it this time!  (If you've never been to the Pack Rat, be sure and check it out - awesome store!)

The Pack Rat in Fayetteville, Arkansas

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir

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