Our Gear

"So, it's like camping?  You carry everything with you?"

These are questions I am hearing an lot, and so I thought I'd post a picture of everything we will carry on this trip - at least until about June, at which point we will meet Keith's parents (aka the Maine support crew), and  swap out our "winter gear" for a few summer options.

In this photo is Keith's gear.  This is everything we will be carrying, except for our food.  Every 5-7 days we will resupply food.  As you can imagine, when you are carrying your belongings on your back for six months, weight is a big concern.  Every item here has been chosen with weight factor in mind, as well as its functionality - can it be layered?  Can it multitask?

Pictured from top to bottom, and from left to right (mostly):
Backpack - Osprey Atmos 50 (50 liter capacity)
Travel pillow
Nalgene liter water battles (water filter is made to connect to the threaded openings)
Rainproof pack cover
Dri Ducks rain pants and rain jacket
Thermarest self-inflatable air mattress
Water-proof gloves
3 pairs Merino wool socks (REI)
Baselayer of mid weight Icebreaker merino wool long-sleeve shirt and tights
Water filter (removes 99% of impurities from water)
Steripen (removes viruses)
Digital camera
Black Diamond trekking poles
Western Mountaineering 20-degree down sleeping bag
Down vest
Convertible hiking pants and hiking shorts
Icebreaker merino wool short-sleeve shirts (2)
Kitchen - cooking pot containing waterproof matches, headlamp, alcohol stove, spork, insulated mug
Big Agnes 2-man tent
Baby Wipes
Vasque Breeze GTX hiking boots (not pictured)
Baseball cap (also not pictured)

In early June, we will swap out the pants, down vest, and baselayer for running shorts and sleeveless shirts.  As we enter New Hampshire, before the higher elevations, we will swap back again, to have the winter clothing for New Hampshire and Maine.

** Note - Gear list to be updated as trip departure gets closer

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