Trail Names

Keith's trail hat
Thru-hikers on the AT don't use their real names, but instead use trail names.  Some start the hike with their names already picked out, often using childhood nicknames, but plenty pick up their trail name along the way, usually being named by other hikers.  An example of this is "AWOL,", the trail name of a hiker who wrote the book, "AWOL on the Appalachian Trail."  He planned to hike the trail, but was told by his employer that his position would not be there when he got back.  He went anyway, using the trail name  AWOL, for "Absent Without Leave."

I am going to start the trail with no trail name, and wait to see what I get named along the way.  Keith has already chosen his trail name, 'F100,' and anyone who knows him well, knows why.  Here's a hint.

Keith's 1965 Ford, his daily driver since 1981

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