Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Water World

It rained ALL night last night - and I mean nonstop! Luckily, it started after we went to bed. Everything made it through high and dry, and we found out later that 3 inches had fallen! Yikes!
I wish I could thoroughly explain what this did to the trail. It became a creek flowing down the mountains, and at the bottom of the mountains, it pooled into ponds. We tried our best to keep our boots dry, but it later became a struggle to just keep them from sloshing.
We hoped to cover 15 miles, but got a late start, hoping the rain would stop. We packed up about 30 minutes before it ended. We started in rain gear, but within a half hour were able to put it away.
The day was spent mainly trying to avoid the water. It slowed us way down. There were no views from Moxie Bald, the major climb of the day.
We did reach the Piscaquitas River and had to ford it. Someone has stretched a thick rope across it, and you needed to cling to it to get across. It got as deep as hip-deep, which was worrisome, but we made it across and kept our gear high and dry. Without the rope, we could not have crossed safely.
We finally reached the Horseshoe Canyon Shelter, which was 15 miles, and it was close enough to the now roaring river to provide beautiful background noise for sleeping.

- Steady and F100

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