Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leaving Duncannon

There wasn't much activity to write about yesterday, except our usual resupply activities, and lots of resting. It was especially nice at this hotel, because we had access to a washer and dryer, and the section hikers who transported us had also brought us a tub of Tide and Oxiclean! Next door to the hotel was a strip mall with a McDonalds, grocery store, Dollar General, pharmacy, Chinese restaurant, and Al's Pizza & Subs, Keith's favorite. We were able to walk to everything we needed, and even managed to watch the Hogs play ball last night. Go Hogs!!

This morning, we tried our best to Yogi a ride back to the trail, but had no luck. We are a bit farther from the trail than we normally stay. We finally opted for a cab ride. The dispatcher told us it would only be $8! We checked out of the hotel, and the guy at the front desk tried to charge us $10 more for the second night than what they quoted us for the first night. We protested, and the manager finally reversed the charge.

Then the cab picked us up, and before we were even to our destination, the meter hit $25! Once again, we protested, and the driver reduced the fare. We were a bit miffed.

We finally got back on the trail, and it was very muggy and misty in the forest. We spent the morning climbing back up to the ridgeline, leaving the Susquehanna River Valley below, and spent the rest of the day up high, following the ridge line. It was for the most part a pretty uneventful day. Lots of rocks on the trail, but not as bad as we expected. We have been warned about how bad the rocks get in Pennsylvania.

We stopped and had lunch at the edge of a parking lot just after we passed over a highway. Swamprat visited with a family that drove up to see the view. Once they heard his name, they said, "We love Swamp People!". Apparently there's a reality show about the folks in south Louisiana, and a lot of folks watch that show.

We walked on north, occasionally through the rocks, but not too bad. The rocks were all wet and slick, and I managed to slip down 3 times today, which is pretty unusual, but nothing major. Usually just slid down and ended up sitting on my pack. Getting back up is always fun though!

We stopped in at the Peter's Mountain Shelter to get water, and there were 300 steps going down the steep hillside to the spring. Ugh! Needed the water though. Last chance to fill up before our campsite.

We hiked on another 5 miles, and found a really nice, level campsite on the edge of a bluff, so it has a nice breeze. The campsite floor is soft pine needles, which is our favorite campsite flooring.

We found out that at the first road crossing we come to tomorrow, there will be trail magic provided by Webcatcher. He does it every year about this time. He posyed a flyer at the last shelter we stopped at. He will be there from 8 til 4, so we are excited! I'll report back on the food we get to eat.

Tomorrow some bad heat is in the forecast, so we are NOT excited about that. High of 96 the next two days. Hopefully, being in the shade will help a lot. We'll see how that goes.

Camped at mile 1157.2, and I'm already in bed at 6:56, and it feels good!

- Steady and F100

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