Friday, June 15, 2012

The Northern Half Begins

We slept much better last night! The campground was nice and quiet. However, that last rain brought cooler temps, and now I'm paying the price for trying to lessen my pack weight so much - sleeping cold! I had given Daniel and Elise the last of my winter clothing to send to the Geraghtys. I had held on to my merino wool base layer shirt, but not the tights. The last two nights I have had to put on my rain jacket in the middle of the night, but have nothing long for my legs, and so I have ended up putting on my wool socks and pulling them way up, then sticking my legs through the neck of my merino wool tank top, and pulling it up to just above my knees, and then laying a merino t-shirt on top of my thighs. This has actually done the trick, but if we have an emergency and need to get out of the tent fast, I'm going to look like someone in a potato bag race, with that tank top around my legs like that! (Luckily, Elise has already mailed my leggings back to me).
As we left the State Park, we passed Fuller Lake, with a nice swimming area and beach. I wished that we could have hiked the 19.1 miles faster yesterday so Spider could have gone there to swim. We also had missed getting to go to the AT Museum - although I think I was the only interested party.

We once again had pretty gradual trail, but knew the last 3 miles of the day would be tough - some roller coasters with rock mazes on top. We reached a road right at lunch time, and there was a little grocery store there that made sub sandwiches. We all grabbed cold drinks and chips, and the guys all had subs. The sandwiches looked awesome! After some ice cream, we
hiked on, and soon found the rock mazes, which topped two of the final five hills of the day. They were actually kind of fun to wind through, and at times we lost the trail, because some of the blazes had come off of the rock. We headed downhill, and only had a few miles before we hit a beautiful stream and we all soaked our feet and took a break.

The next 3 miles went slow. We were all SO tired from the day before, and it really affected our pace today. We decided to stop for the night about 6:00 at the Alec Kennedy Shelter, which is mile marker 1111.3.
- Steady and F100

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