Friday, June 1, 2012

We Can't Believe it's June

We hit the trail this morning at 7:30. It had rained last night, but not much. It was cool and breezy this morning. We hiked about 3 miles and refilled our water bottles at a camping area. We only had to go 5 more to reach a campground with camp store, and so we hurried to get there for lunch so we could have a cold drink and ice cream.
When we reached there, it began raining and we found out that severe weather was on the way. We found a room at a local lodge and yogi'd a ride from a nice lady who was camped there. There is a tornado warning for the area and bad lightening expected so we feel good about laying low here today. We kind of hate to miss the miles, and it's hard to sit still, but I'm sure we can use the rest. I can certainly use the Internet access!
By the way, I have been meaning to put the link to Swamprat's journal on here. He can be followed at He is also raising money for the Grant a Wish foundation, so check him out!

- Steady and F100

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