Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Own Personal Fear Factor

We knew that this day might be a little hairy. Keith and I had seen videos of the Lehigh Gap from some folks who thru-hiked last year.

To begin with, the trail was very rocky. We passed over something called the Knife's Edge, which lived up to its name, and then Bear's Rock. Once again, the weather was unusually cool though, so that sure helped us out.

By the time we reached the Lehigh River, the wind was blowing harder than we would have preferred, especially when we saw what we had to climb over! It was a steep, rocky mountain, and there really was no trail - just rock climbing at this point. When we crossed the ridge, the wind was blowing so hard, you really had to pay attention to which way you leaned.

Once over the worst of it, we actually had a treat - the trail followed an old dirt road for a couple of miles. This was real relief to our feet after the pounding on rocks all morning. Near supper, we realized if we headed a mile up a road, we could have a burger and ice cream, and we all felt like we deserved a reward. It was definitely the scariest thing we'd done yet.

- Steady and F100

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