Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wind Gap, PA - not a great first impression

I was so worn out from the climb out of Lehigh Gap yesterday, that I actually did not take too many pictures on the trail today. It was still great weather, nice and breezy, and we decided to hike to the town of Wind Gap, PA, and go eat at Arby's. I think we all felt a bit beat up from the climb yesterday. I know I went to bed sore.

We only saw one hiker all day - an older lady (65-ish?) who was hiking alone. I was so tired at

one point, that I decided to do something I have not done yet - I pulled out my ear phones and plugged into Pandora Radio. The music helped! Just when I thought I wanted to sit down and not move anymore today, I found myself dancing down the trail. Okay - it was the Dixie Chicks - please don't judge me. It was just the boost I needed.

We hit the road to Wind Gap, and started to hitch a ride. A car went by, and the driver, a lovely young woman, yelled out the window - "Get a ----ing car!". Well, I hope she wasn't the president of the local Welcome Wagon Organization for Wind Gap. We ended up getting a ride from a nice man at the house we were standing next to. He said he sees the hikers come into town all of the time and likes to help. On the way out, we got a ride from a nice Eagle Scout who said he hated to see hikers who needed a ride and no one would stop and give them one. Thank goodness for nice people!

- Steady and F100

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