Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bunnies, Deer and (finally) a Bear!!

We had to hike 3 miles to reach the Wayside for a hot breakfast, and so we hit the trail by 7:30. We began by following a bunny up the trail, and then a deer. The deer didn't seem too concerned and would slowly go up the trail just ahead of us.

We reached the Wayside, and the same man who cooked for us the evening before was still there. He took good care of us, giving us generous portions and free coffee. Everyone seems to want to feed you when they hear you are thru hiking.

We hit the trail again, and it wasn't long before we spotted a bear right on the trail, looking at us. We just kept looking at each other. He was really beautiful with shiny, thick fur - just like a stuffed animal. I swear I think you could have cuddled with it! After a while it ran into the woods, and we watched it for a while as it dug near a log.

The remainder of the day was continuous roller coasters - one hill after another. We knew if we did at least 17 miles, we'd hit the 900 mile mark. We hit a really nice overlook, and I spent probably 25 minutes on the phone with Regions Bank still trying to get some money back from when Keith's debit card was compromised. Several hikers came by and visited. One of them, named Pepper Boy, informed Keith that there was a hiker named F250 on the trail. We were tickled to hear that the name had stuck!

We hiked on and came upon Lone Star, who was camped at one of the prettiest overlooks we'd seen. We hiked on, and grabbed water at Hightop Hut. There were quite a few folks there who were camping for the night. We pushed on, with that 900 mile mark in our sight.

We found a possible camping site right at the 900 mile mark, but the forest was really dark, with lots of dead wood on the ground, and I convinced the boys to go further for something better. We ended up finding a really nice site and felt great to have hit the 900 mark!

- Steady and F100

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