Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Better Trail

Today we totally enjoyed hiking back on dirt trail. There are still the occasional rocks, and plenty of uphill and downhill, but we are no longer on the steep rock faces that can be quite scary, and make our knees and feet cry "Uncle" by the end of the day.
For the entire day today, we traveled through the woods, passing a really pretty stream with waterfalls at one point. It was perfect timing for our break, so we soaked our feet, and it was icy!
Later, we passed by a really pretty pond, and saw no moose (always looking!), but did catch our first glimpse of autumn. There were bright red leaves on the trees on the far end of the pond.
The weather has been incredibly nice, with no rain. The highs have been in the 70's and lows in the 50's.
We had planned on hiking 15 miles today, because the trail was so nice, but Swamprat has come down with a cold and sore throat, so we stopped early today, right at 10 miles, so he can rest, and hopefully feel better tomorrow. A group of young hikers who were at the White Mountain Inn just arrived at this shelter, and they told us they had all been sick as well, but it only lasted two days.
I did not take too many photos today. We are getting some extra rest, which is always good. We hear the section we will hike tomorrow is really difficult.

(Camped at Hall Mountain Lean-to, mile 1933.3 - 250.9 miles to go!)
- Steady and F100

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