Friday, August 17, 2012

Mt. Washington, and the rest of the Presidential Range

I failed to mention that these peaks in the White Mountains are called the Presidential Range. 
We woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, helped set the table and cleaned up after the guests, and then had a huge breakfast of quiche, bacon, and hashbrowns.  We thanked the crew, and headed out to make sure we got great views while the skies were still clear.  Clouds and storms blow up quickly here, so time was of the essence!
We were only 1.4 miles away from the summit of Mt. Washington, and so that did not take long to hike, except the frequent stops for picture taking.  I hiked a lot with Kindle, and we enjoying chatting along the way.  We soon reached the top, and there were tourists everywhere.  A cog train brings load after load up to the top.  We took a picture at the summit, and headed over to the visitor's center and had some food before heading on to hike to Mt. Jefferson.  As we looked at the view north, it was rather intimidating, with four really substantial peaks, and the trail heading right over them, all above tree-line.  By this point, however, we are starting to feel like it's nothing we have not done before, so it was manageable.
It was just stunning views the whole way, and we hoped to reach the Madison Spring Hug, and luck into work for stay again, but they already had their quote of six thru-hikers for the night, and so we hiked down to a tent campsite about .6 of a mile down a steep trail, and spent the night there.

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