Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hiking out of New Hampshire

We stayed up a lot later than usual last night, enjoying Boots and Melody's music. We finally turned in around 11:00. We were lucky, because we got the same private room we had last time, and didn't have to sleep in one of the bunk rooms with many hikers.
We slept a bit later than normal, and then went downstairs to eat. Geri made me a special omelette, and it was delicious! There were about 16 hikers who stayed the night, and many of them were new to us. They were all in their twenties. A few that were there included Chickadee, Mosey, All Balls, Tree Hugger, Goat,shoots and Melody. I pulled out the left over watermelon from the hiker feed we'd done 2 days before, and it got polished off quickly.
About 8:00 we headed out, and Geri took our photo out by her sign. She hugged us goodbye, and wished us well, pointing us in the right direction. The trail headed right down the road in front of her Inn. We will certainly miss their place! She said when we visit next time, our room would be a pretty celery green We left with a spring in our step, with perfect temps (about 47 degrees, we decided), anxious to put New Hampshire behind us.
We spent the morning climbing quite a ways, and had great views now and then. You could still Mt. Washington in the distance. We passed several gorgeous ponds and boardwalks, and each time we stopped and looked for moose. So far, our timing was not good.
As we hiked, we got more and more eager to hit Maine, but ended up camping at a beautiful shelter with a gorgeous view, just 4.7 miles shy of the Maine state line!!!

(Camped at Gentian Pond Shelter, mile 1897.7)
- Steady and F100

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