Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camping at Sabbath Day Pond

It ended up raining softly all night last night. We packed up, and hit the trail early, hoping to do as many miles as possible today, so we wouldn't have too many tomorrow, heading into Rangeley, where we will resupply next.
We started off hiking in the clouds, with no views, and occasional light sprinkles. We hiked up a few short roller coasters, and then started hiking across a ridge line that was capped with smooth rock. Even though it was wet, nothing was too slippery.

As the day went on, finally the clouds rose, and we got a nice view of a lake in the distance. Before we knew it, it began raining again, so we quickly hiked down thehill we were going down, sat on the side of the trail, and threw the tent fly over us and our packs. We looked like a couple of kids pretending to be ghosts.
After a while it let up, and we ended up at the bottom of the mountain at a dirt road where the three of us sat and had lunch. We also set up the tent to let it dry out. Swamprat had been on the phone a lot talking to his wife because of the hurricane that's approaching New Orleans, which is near their home. It's been stressful for him to deal with long-distance. It makes it worse that the cell coverage cuts in and out.
We hiked on after lunch, and as we did, the sky cleared, and we could tell the rain had been a cool front it was now windy and about 65 degrees. It felt great! We climbed up to Highway 17, and there was a scenic overlook with a bench overlooking a gorgeous lake.
We hiked past a couple of beautiful lakes, and ended up camping at Sabbath Day Pond Shelter. The pond sits right in front of the shelter. The sound of loons is now becoming a common thin for us to hear. We are also hoping to see moose here. There is scat all around the shelter, and moose tracks everywhere! If we do, I'll snap a picture!

I just returned from our evening moose hunt - no luck, but the moon over the pond was beautiful!

(Camped at Sabbath Day Pond, mile 1954.4, 229.8 miles to go)
- Steady and F100

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