Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is it Really August???

Once again, we can NOT believe it is already August.  We are excited, because soon we will be home. 
This morning we decided to do something a little different on a zero day.  Instead of total rest (which probably would have been best), we slackpacked 3.4 miles of the trail.  The bus took us there and picked us up again, so that was convenient, and we took no packs at all.  Sweet!  Sure felt good.  We also got another good mountain climb out of the way.
On the trail, we passed the Maine Junction, which is where the Vermont Long Trail departs to the left, and the AT continues on to the right to Mt. Katahdin.  The Long Trail sign said 169 miles to Canada.  The AT sign said 469 miles to Mt. Katahdin.  Most exciting!
We came back then, and did some relaxing, and went and saw the new Batman movie.  I'd give it a C, a bit too long for my taste.  They did set it up nicely for a sequel with Robin, however.
We then packed up, and got ready for tomorrow, when we will head out once again.

(Still staying in Rutland, Vermont).

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Elise said...

I'm not quite sure how slackpacking 3.4 miles equates to a zero day, but holy smokes, you're so close!!!