Monday, April 16, 2012

Chuck Norris to the Rescue!

Unfortunately, we were awakened by the first train of the morning at 5:00. The next came at 6. I decided to get up and soak in the tub again, hoping to make my back better before hiking. We still needed to resupply groceries, eat breakfast with stingray, and I needed to find a computer if possible to update the blog. The iPhone is just a bit tedious, and I was so tired after long miles the past two days, I needed to get caught up on the blog.

We got up and left the hotel about 7:30, to see when stores opened up. We were going to meet Stingray at 8:30 at the Smoky Mountain Diner. Everything opened up at 8, so we did some shopping, then had a big breakfast with Stingray.

We went back to the hotel and repackaged our food, repacked our packs, and checked out at 11. Then I went to the Outfitter and they let me borrow their computer to get the blog caught up. We went across the street for lunch, and then told Stingray bye til later. He was hitting the trail, but we had decided to visit the hot springs to soak in the tubs. All of the hikers had been raving about how great they were. We got there, and were taken to a cabana overlooking the river. The hot tub was filled with hot mineral springs, and we got to soak for an hour. It was too great! So nice to soak and watch the river flow by under the trees.

We then hiked on out of Hot Springs and climbed up, up, up and had the most beautiful view of the river below!

We only went 4.8 miles and camped at a beautiful pond with other hikers who we had not met before - Snagglefoot, Glogg, Nokey, and Flash. There were also two girls who were named Gypsy Soul and Barefoot. Barefoot has been fighting a stomach bug for a few days, and shortly after we arrived, decided she'd better go back to town for medical help. The local hostel is owned by Chuck Norris. I kid you not. He apparently goes way out of his way to help hikers and offered to drive as close as possible to our campsite and hike in to get her. Before we knew it, Chuck Norris was here rescuing Barefoot! Of course, he knew every Chuck Norris joke ever written, so we enjoyed quite a few laughs before Barefoot was whisked off to town. Chuck is in the last picture.

What is behind Chuck Norris' beard? Another fist!

Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water, AND make him drink!

- Steady and F100

Location:Pond with campsite, mile 279.1

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Silver Bear said...

Silver Bear here I am following you guys. I hiked this section 3 years ago. looking down on the river as you leave Hot Springs is beautiful.