Monday, April 16, 2012

A message to our loyal readers

Dear friends,

We enjoy sharing our adventures with you, but want to let you know that we are finding it difficult to upload to the blog until we hit towns.  Please do not worry about us if you don't see anything new for a few days.  We will leave in the morning, and hike for six days until we reach Hampton, TN.  When we reach Hampton, we will upload the posts for the next week.  We look forward to sharing this week with you as soon as we get there!  We hear that it will be spectacular, as we will cross Roan Mountain, which is one of the last 6,000+ sq. ft. mountains before we reach the Whites in New Hampshire.

We were told that the southern half of the AT favors cell service provided by Verizon.  AT&T is the predominant service for the northern half.  We have AT&T, so we look forward to reaching the northern part of the trail!  Until then, we will do the best we can to keep you updated!  Thank you again for your encouraging comments and prayers!  We love and miss you guys!


Kanit said...

Uncle Keith-head and Aunt Linda, you guys must be having an awesome time. Congrats on making it this far and not wanting to strangle each other.
Once you get to Pine Grove Furnace you guys may want to try this out...
Halfway There

Love Yall K4

Traci said...

Hope you are having fun!! Congrats on getting past 300 miles!