Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3 in the Smokies

This day turned out to be a big climbing day also. We've just about decided to quit looking at the elevation profile that we have, because it seems like everyday is just steep uphill and downhill, with not much else. Today was more hiking through beautiful mountaintops of tiny flowers called Spring Beauties. The trail is just prettier and prettier.

Before we left camp we gave Bells' husband the trail name Upbeat. He was always smiling. He seemed to like his name.

When we finally reached Derrick Knob Shelter, every talked about how hard the day was. Sure made me feel better, because I thought it was really tough!

At the shelter, we met another Ridgerunner, Billy, who educated everyone on the best food in Gatlinburg. Believe me, we paid attention. Food is the most common topic of conversation on the trail. Most day I think about omelettes and bacon.

We had a really full shelter and at least six of us tent camped here. The shelters in the park actually have fireplaces inside. Pretty nice on a chilly day!

You can see that we entered into a different sort of forest - dark, damp, lots of evergreens and bright green moss on everything. Smelled heavenly!

- Steady and F100

Location:Derrick Knob Shelter


Elise said...

Awesome! Temperate rainforests are definitely my favorite biome. :)

Traci said...

Lovin those pics on this day!