Monday, April 16, 2012

A privy with a view

This morning the trail started out perfectly - about 2 miles of easy, gradual hills, and then passed over a paved road,a nd over a stile over a barbed wire fence into a beautiful field.  We then headed back into the woods, and over hills, until we came upon the most beautiful cascades on black rock. 
We continue climbing after that, and reached a beautiful vista to have lunch, called Lick Rock.   I hoped it was not like the Blarney Stone, and that we were expected to lick it for luck.  Actually, I never saw a rock at Lick Rock.  Secrets and Shenanigans were there lunching also, and her new boots were giving her blisters, so she was hiking today in flip flops!  There's no way I could do that with a 35-pound pack on my back. 
We stopped at a shelter along the way to visit the privy, Hogback Ridge Shelter, and discovered a privy that was, in our opinion, perfect.  It was facing away from the camp, about a hundred yards from the shelter, and it had no door, but it was on the edge of the ridge, and the open side totally took advantage of the beautiful view of the hills.  Could have sat there all day!  Nice breeze too.  lol. 
We hiked on to a place called Low Gap, to camp for the night, and came upon Blue Fox.  We had not seen him for at least a week, but had seen his notes he had been leaving on trees for his friends, Feathers and Wild Turkey, and had been entertained by those.  It was good to share camp with him again.  He had already hung a bear bag, and we were impressed with how high he had thrown it in the tree!  It was at least 40 feet off of the ground.  I had been paying close attention to Snagglefoot when he had made those impressive fires, and I am proud to say that tonight I started the fire with one match.  The guys were kind of impressed.  They said as long as I would start a fire, they would always gather the wood.  Worked for me!  They proceeded to drag so much wood into camp that we had a fire late into the night, and it was still hot in the morning, so they got it going for breakfast as well.  That night, we fell asleep to many owls flying through camp.  Pretty cool.
(Camped at Low Gap, mile 321.1)

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