Monday, April 9, 2012

One Big Slumber Party

We ended sleeping pretty well in the shelter. There were ten others as well - 6 in the upper bunk, and 6 in the lower bunk. It rained really hard twice, and it sure sounded good on the tin roof. Lots of snoring went on, and I swear one guy sounded just like a lion roaring. We were warned to keep our packs open so mice wouldn't chew their way in, so we did. I did hear them at one point, but mainly it just sounded like they were crawling around in my extra ziploc bags. When we got up in the morning though, one of the hikers, Justin, discovered two large holes in one of his shirts that was lying next to Keith. Apparently, we dodged a mouse bullet!

We put on rain suits to start the day, but as we went on the rain cleared, and the sun came out again. The view became really clear again as well. The weather cooled a lot, but we could still hike in shorts and t-shirts. We had a fairly easy hike, and made really good time, reaching Cosby Knob Shelter by 4. This time we Pitched a tent, and are leaving the shelter for others.

- Steady and F100

Location:Cosby Knob Shelter


Elise said...

All of these pictures are awesome (am I sounding like a broken record yet?), but that first one is incredible!

Sneede said...

That is a spectacular pic. I'll say it here, again, it takes a professional eye to know when to leave F100 out of the shot.