Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Roan Highlands

Today would be our last 6000+ foot mountain to climb before the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It was not raining, but was misty and cool still.
The climb to the top was pretty rough, steep, and rocky, but the sun came out at the top, and we found an empty parking lot that was closed to traffic, so we put our tents, flies, boots, socks, and rain suits out on the black top, and ate lunch while they dried.  We also found Barefoot and Gypsy Soul there, drying out their equipment.  It was great to see them again, because the last we saw of them, Barefoot was sick and being taken back to town by Chuck Norris.  They were both healthy, and now had been dropped off north of us and were hiking south, back to the place they had gotten off of the trail.
After lunch and drying out, we proceeded on to see some fabulous views from Round Bald and Jane Bald.  We ended up camping next to the coolest shelter - an old 2-story red barn with a wonderful view.  The wind was blowing very hard and cold though, so I went to the ground floor behind a wall to cook.  As soon as I began cooking, mice came out and attempted to run across the ground, closer to where I was.  I was pretty sure I didn't want to be here any longer.  As soon as I could, I gathered my food, and went back to eat in the tent.  Just as I packed up, one ran right past me, and ran straight up the wall I was leaning against!  I was so glad I was not camping in the shelter.

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