Monday, April 9, 2012

Our First Night in the Shelter

Today we caught a ride with the same wonderful folks who gave us trail magic two days before - Bernie and Beth. They were still shuttling hikers to and from the trail, as well as feeding them. I was in the front of the truck, and there were five hikers with packs in the back. We told them goodbye, thanked them once again, and hiked out of Newfound Gap. At the trailhead was a sign with mileage to Mt. Katahdin - the first actual mileage sign we've seen! Kind of exciting! On the way back to the trail, two younger hikers told us we were about to see the best views of the Smokies in the next few days. We had not heard this before! We were both a little nervous and excited about returning to the trail again.

We were not disappointed by the views - first one side, and then the other of the ridge. Just gorgeous!

We knew there was bad weather predicted, and so planned to possibly stay in the shelter for the night. When we reached the shelter, it was filling up fast, so we put our sleeping bags down to save us a place. It started raining not long after we arrived. We were all happy to have a roof over our heads, and to get out of the wind, because a cool front was also blowing in.

Everyone is so tired after hiking, that most get into bed by 8 or so. I took a pic of everyone cooking supper.

- Steady and F100

Location:Peck's Corner Shelter

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Elise said...

Ha! I love the picture of dad with that sign! Perfect.