Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hiking into Rutland, Vermont

This morning we first had to climb up Mt. Killington, and it was a gnarly climb.  And I mean gnarly, as in really gnarly roots growing all over the trail.  It was slow going, but we finally made it.  This was followed by the slowest, longest downhill EVER.  Maybe it was because we were heading into town, and we always enjoy getting there for lunch, but we felt like we'd NEVER get down the mountain.
We finally did though, and caught a quick hitch into town, and were delivered to the Walgreen's parking lot, which was near Burger King.  We went over and ate, and then found out the local bus system would deliver us to our motel, so we caught the bus.  We ended up doing our grocery shopping, and having a nice meal that evening. 
Rutland just happens to have the Norman Rockwell Museum, and is the birthplace of John Deere.  It has lots of beautiful stone churches, and looks very Norman Rockwellish, if you ask me. Once again, I wish we had time to explore the town. The ski resorts of Pico and Killington are just 10 miles away, so the Green Mountains surround us here. Really beautiful!

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