Monday, August 27, 2012

Moose Tracks

Last night, just before dark, two older ladies hiked in and set up their tents in the space next to ours. One of the women was apparently some kind of expert on camping, and was giving nonstop verbal instruction to the other poor soul. She talked nonstop about every little detail of camping from the time they arrived until well after 9:30 when I finally managed to block her out and fall asleep. And she was not whispering either. Most annoying camper ever. We had a crowded camp, full of thru-hikers, and the only person out for a one-night camp out, claiming to be the expert, managed to annoy the rest of the camp, and keep us all awake.
Our day began with a long downhill, followed by a steep uphill, then another downhill, followed by a very steep 3 mile uphill, which took us to the top of Old Blue Mountain, which Keith liked, because sometimes he calls his truck that. By the time we reached Old Blue, we were really tired. The trail had a little something for everyone - boardwalks, rebar rungs, and ladders.

At one point, we were going through a boggy area on logs, and I saw huge moose track to the side. That's when it occurred to me - moose can't balance well! Theres a herd of them apparently hiking the AT, but when they get to the boardwalks, they always walk in the mud on the side. We can tell they are hiking the AT, because everyday now we see the evidence - scat (that's poop for those of you who don't get into the woods much), and tracks.

We also came upon a really cool little bench that someone had sat right at a beautiful view point. I sat there for a while and admired the view and took a photo. We made camp around 5:30, as rain is moving in tonight. Ahhh - the melody of rain on the tent - sweet dreams everyone!

- Steady and F100

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