Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leaving Franklin, NC

After a nice stay in Franklin, we had a great breakfast, and caught the free shuttle back to the trail with about 16 other hikers. Since we are what they consider "purists", we got dropped off right where we had left the trail the day before. This is so when we are done, we will have hiked every bit of the AT.

We climbed up, up, up today, but made really good time for a short day. When we reached Siler Bald, we climbed to the very top for magnificent views. One of us ran to the top, but well, he's crazy.

We then hiked on up, up, up again, and reached an old stone tower at Wayah Bald, with another outstanding view.

We are camped right now at about mile 120 and have a really nice fire going. It's going to be chilly tonight. We are camped with Wild Turkey and Feathers, a young couple from Jersey with bright red hair.

- Steady and F100

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