Friday, March 30, 2012

On to Fontana Dam

We woke up to another blue sky morning, serenaded by some really unusual birds that were calling to one another as they circled around us. They were gone before we got out of the tents, but it sounded like an owl calling, and then some sort of weird duck answering - well, a duck or a monkey. Lol. Have no idea what it was, but we were seriously laughing at the sound. We've been hearing another noise every morning, and. Oils have sworn it was a tractor of gas well, but the old timer we met yesterday convinced us that we were actually hearing a grouse every morning! Sure surprised us!
Ladyfish and Sting Ray left camp before us, but once we we hit the trail, we flew! It was pretty easy going compared to the past two days of mostly uphill. Yesterday we had to come up Jacobs Ladder, which was out steepest climb yet. That, on top of a 14 mile day, did me in.
As we hiked today, we started to cat h glimpses of Fontana Dam and Fontana Lake, quick means on e we get there, we are only a mile or so from entering Smoke Mountain Nat'l Park. So exciting!
We made 9 miles to Fontana Village in record time (before 2), and caught the shuttle to the Lodge just in time to get into the restaurant before it closed at 2, and just before a thunderstorm hit (sweet!)
Got a thru-hiker special ($49/night), and we are about to hit the showers and laundry before hiking into the Smokies tomorrow. We can not wait! Good night everybody! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!
Oh, by the way, we have no cell service here at all, but do have Internet! So, mom, no call for a while, but don't worry, we are great!

Eating lunch, with a view of the Smokies:

A beautiful dogwood tree outside our hotel room - in the pouring rain. So glad we are here and not hiking in the rain right now. :)

- Steady and F100

Location:Fontana Lodge

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