Friday, March 23, 2012

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

A funny thing happened on our zero day yesterday, that's too funny not to share. Everything we needed was within a mile of our hotel, which is great because not only are we on foot, but we are both in crocs. As soon as we get off of the trail, the boots come off, and the crocs go on. Well, as we were walking back to the hotel after breakfast yesterday, Keith all of a sudden had what I'll call a "bathroom emergency," and needed to run into the nearest restaurant to visit the men's room. It just happened to be Hardee's. When he got there, another gentleman beat him to the restroom door, and there was only one stall. Keith comes out, with a rather panic-stricken look on his face and asked me to see if anyone was in the lady's room. I looked into the restaurant to see if anyone was watching us who mattered, and only saw two older men who looked like regulars having their breakfast. I guess since I felt like we were not locals, I wanted to make sure that Keith using the lady's room wasn't something you could get arrested for in Georgia. Lol.

I checked the ladies room and the coast was clear, so in he flew. I glanced at the two regulars, and this definitely caught their interest, but they weren't smiling. As I stood there guarding the door, and rehearsing what I was going to tell the next female patron, a lady rushed in with that same look in her eye, making a bee line for the restroom. I blocked the door, and explained that my husband was in there, letting her know it was an urgent matter, and without batting an eye, she said, 'Well, I'll just use the men's room," and pushed the door open! "Wait, there's a man in there!" I said, but she looked back at me, announcing, "He's through, he's washing his hands.". She went on in, and he left as if that was a normal thing. At this point, I am laughing pretty hard, and I glance over to check on the regulars, and they are laughing so hard, their coffee is spilling all over. I'm also trying to figure out if someone comes to the bathroom now, which one do I send them into. Keith and the lady both came out, and we all had a good laugh, and I bet you we gave those regulars a good story to tell for the rest of the day.

I'll sign off with a sketch from a fellow hiker's journal. It was sketched by James, who is staying in the same room as Joshua and Katherine (the unfortunate night hikers). Everytime we came and went, he was sitting outside of their room in a chair facing our cottage. We found out later that he was actually sketching our cottage. I am envious of his journal - it's beautifully illustrated!

- Steady and F100

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