Monday, March 26, 2012

A Shout Out to our Trail Angels Back Home

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to our very own trail angels off the trail who are helping to make this adventure possible.

First, to Sean Geraghty, who is holding things together back home, taking care of not only the household, but also the family pet, Saleen, our precious chiweenie.   He is also taking care of shipping us our resupply boxes as we progress up the trail, lawnmowing, and all other duties that have to do with taking care of a home for six months.  To Sean, we are extremely grateful!

We also want to thank Bart Glenn with Fed-Ex, who is assisting Sean with our resupply boxes, making sure they get there quickly and in good shape.

Todd McKorkle with Movemart also helped us out by giving us our resupply boxes.

Bill Fleming supplied us with the coolest first aid kid we've ever seen, including the kinds of things we hope we'll never have to use (blood clotting gel). I'm pretty sure, if we have to, we can perform some sort of backwoods surgery!

To Olde Fashioned Foods, a huge thank you for supplying me with six months' worth of gluten-free oat meal, and thanks to Randi Bromar for meeting me on her day off to give it to me.

Thank you to our very own weather team, stationed in North Carolina, Daniel and Elise Rice, who are keeping us posted on the local weather. On many mountain tops, we can still get enough cell service to get text messages to go through!

A huge thank you to Weichert Realtors, who not only gave me a really sweet good-bye party, along with spending money, but also bought me the coolest gadget that makes it possible to share the photos I take with my camera with you. It's called an eye-fi, and it creates a network on my iPhone that my camera uploads photos to, so that I can then send them on to this blog and Flickr from the trail.    Coolest thing ever! I was SO excited when it worked for the first time.

To these, and so many others who sent us off with dinners, lunches, well wishes, and encouraging words, we thank you from the very soles of our hiking boots, and miss you all!

- Steady and F100

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