Thursday, March 15, 2012

Linda Gets Her Trail Name!

Our first trail magic! (pictured above are our hosts, Geek and Crazy Wolf, father and daughter) Some former thru-hikers provided free beer and hotdogs today. They do it every year for the past 10 years they live in Pittsburgh We will see them in two days for a St. Patrick's Day party they are throwing on the trail about 20 miles north. I actually got a trail name today! From this day on I will only answer to Steady. Apparently I hike at a very constant pace. I'm relieved it did not end up being some of the other ones Keith has suggested. (haha) Yesterday I came dangerously close to being named Bear Bait. Yikes! (Dont worry- no bears, only a joke about Keith only needing to outrun me) Had a great day of hiking. Did about 12 today. Did 8 yesterday. Camping on a mountain top tonight - gorgeous views - with a great couple from Florida, Karrie and Brian Coker Here's a pic of the 4 of us on the trail. The next picture is the view from our campsite on Ramrock Mt. The next is the view we woke up to. Weathered our first thunderstorm during the night, but came out just fine.

Today at the trail magic we also encounters Bman again, a chain smoking hiker who proudly snacks on marijuana-based baked goods. However, he also works at REI and fits about 1000 hikers a year with packs, so I paid attention when he told me I needed a different pack. My shoulders and back were really bothering me, so when we reach Mountain Crossings I'm going to get a pack fitting to see if a different brand would be better. Bman may just end up being a trail angel! He readjusted mine and made my comfort level better right away.

(Camped at Ramrock Mt., mile 19.6)

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Sneede said...

Try not to look so damn happy. LPS

Keith and Linda Geraghty said...

We'll try, but it may be hard . . . especially when everyone we come across is just as happy as we are to be here. :)

Unknown said...

"Steady" is a good name. What's Keith's trail name? Do any of the folks you meet plan on hiking the entire AT?
Looks like you guys are having great fun. Keep the photos and updates coming!