Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ahhhh, nice cool, North Carolina!

The second day of hiking in North Carolina brought another cool, misty, foggy day, that eventually turned to solid rain.  We continued hiking through the rain, and found that we really liked it.  At least it was finally cool, and with no bugs!  Yay!  We really did not find a shelter to eat lunch at until 3, and at that time, the one we got to was absolutely full of folks who were there for the night, and refusing to hike in the rain.  We pulled out a hot meal, ate lunch, and hiked on.  We ended up having one of our longest hikes yet, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Not a lot of views, but ever creek and spring began running over, and made the trail so very beautiful.  It reminded me so much of time I spent growing up in East Texas at our family's hunting cabin on Neches River.  It was the same kind of rain - a gentle rain that just fell all day.  Really nice day in the woods.

(Camped at Beech Gap, mile 90.7)

I wonder why Keith wanted me to pose by this sign?????

- Steady and F100

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