Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Balds in North Carolina

On the mountaintops here, there are spots with only grass and no trees. It's really odd to come across, but makes for some phenomenal 360 degree views. We hiked up to two of those today. The last one had a fire tower on it. Here are pics from those Balds - Rocky and Wesser Balds.

In between these two Balds, we passed through Tellico Gap, and happened upon our favorite sighting - a young man sitting next to his pickup truck with a cooler full of ice, beer and water - trail magic! His name was Ballhawk, and he had done the AT 2 years ago, and now provides trail magic for others. He goes to college in Bryson City, NC, but class was cancelled today, so he said we had his teacher to thank! :)

We also ran into a youth group from Florida on top of the fire tower, and they had also brought trail magic - quite an assortment of snacks. I scored some BBQ chips, and Keith got Cheetos. We are camped with several others tonight at Wesser Bald Shelter. It's a nice assortment of folks - older and younger ones. Some newer hikers we met today - Ladyfish and her brother, Camo, Ray, Pancake, Nacho, Backbone, and Silver Bear. Thought you'd enjoy those names. Good night, everyone!
(Camping tonight at Wesser Bald shelter, mile 131.4)
- Steady and F100

Location:Wesser Bald Shelter, mile 131.4


Elise said...

Those are some sweet trail names, indeed. :) I keep trying to think of what I would call myself, and so far my favorites are Pickles and Shrimp (but said in a Paula Deen voice: "shree-ump").

Keep the posts and awesome pictures coming! They're so much fun!

LRAR41 said...

I am loving following you. Keep those updates coming! God Bless