Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coolest hat band ever

I took this picture of Dirty Girl this morning as we left Hardee's and walked down Main Street and out of Pearisburg, Va. Wild Turkey had found a perfect snake skin on the trail, about 8 feet long, and given it to him. He fashioned it just right so that the head was up in front as if it was striking. I told him I had to take a picture of the coolest hat band ever, and he struck a tough pose for me.

While at Hardee's, we were visiting with a local couple, who had many questions about the hike. When we were done, they said,"Well, it's good you decided to do this while you are still young." I thought this was humorous, but they were quite serious. They were probably in their mid-sixties, so I guess to them, we were young! WishI felt that way!

We immediately crossed the New River bridge as we left town, and a really stinky Celanese chemical plant, before returning to the woods. We climbed for several miles before finally hitting the ridge line again, and stayed at that elevation the rest of the day.

On the way, we met 3 hikers who were helping another injured hiker go back to town who was injured. He had cut his hand hanging a bear bag, and needed stitches.

At lunch time, we ate at a shelter with Nokey, Sprinkles (Trophy Wife's new name), Snagglefoot, Alpo (bit by a dog on the trail), and Kindle Ninja. Although the sun is out, a cool front has arrived, and wears all long sleeves again. The wind is really blowing hard today, and when we stop hiking, I get cold.

We came close to sending our sleeping bags home, and are really glad we didn't, because tonight will be in the 30's.

We mainly hiked through the forest today, but occasionally we hit clearings and had great views of the surrounding mountains.

The coolest thing we saw today was this glider that kept flying overhead all day, just above the trees. We wouldn't hear it coming, and then all of a sudden you'd hear it whistling by just overhead, and then quickly, it was gone. It was impressive how quickly it slipped by!

We are camped at Dickenson Gap, at mile 644.3, with Roadside and Kindle Ninja. Kindle has already sent his sleeping bag home, so I lent him my Snuggie for the night!

- Steady and F100

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