Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

We were on the trail by 7:30. I was feeling better, but it was still really warm, and the uphills are harder for me in the heat. We hit a really nice uphill, wih views of the valley floor to the west and sat there a while and chatted with Fatherman, DK and Medicine Man.

There had been very little water on the trail, so whe we hit a spring near Skyline Drive, we filtered and filled the bottles. It was Memorial Day , and a long line of motorcycles went by with flags on the back of their bikes. We enjoyed our own little parade!

We reached a shelter that afternoon, called Paul C. Wolfe Shelter, that's had a small waterfall that fell into a pool. Hikers had dammed up the creek so that the water was about 2 feet deep, just deep enough to totally lie down in. We decided to cool off there a while, then cook supper, then hike a few more miles before camping. We ate on a marble bench placed in memory of a hiker who had died while trying to hike the PCT. We ended up hiking to a point that would only be 1.5miles from where we were to meet Swamprat in the morning.

- Steady and F100

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