Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meeting up with Swamprat and Dania

Early on this day, we finally got some cell service on top of a mountain, and Keith got a text from Swamprat asking if we wanted to get picked up for dinner. His wife Dania was in town, and had a rental car. We arranged a meeting place for 3:00 that day, and we just needed to cover 13 miles before then. We were excited to see them, and so hiked with a vengeance. I have to admit I took very few pictures today, and still did not feel well. All I was focused on was getting to the meeting place on time.

Along the way, we ran into a couple on horses with riders on the trail. We were surprised, because horses are not allowed on the AT, and one of the horses was a huge Belgian, and was tearing up the trail, and leaving crap in our way to hike through. Not too nice. We nicely informed them that they were on the AT, and they claimed to be lost, and claimed to be getting off the trail.

We hiked a lot of the day with Medicine Man and tried to encourage him to finish the trail.
He was really missing his parents and friends, and was hiking a lot by himself. We told him bye, and walked down a road to a parking lot to meet our friends.

There we found Swamprat and Dania, and they had brought a cooler of cold drinks! Our own personal trail magic! They were also giving Hitchcock a ride. He was staying at the Lutheran Hostel in town and they were giving him a ride. He ended up going out to eat with us at the Outback, where we really enjoyed the food and company. We took Hitchcock to the hostel, then ran by the grocery store to buy some resupply. At the store we ran into Dances with Flies, Snagglefoot and Qtip with his dog, Charlie. They were all in town for food resupply.

We stayed that night at the same hotel as Swamprat and Dania, and did a quick load of laundry before going to bed. Swamprat will bring our food to us Tuesday when he returns to the trail.

- Steady and F100

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