Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just chillin' at the cabin

Today the weather didn't really cooperate with any hiking or canoeing plans.  It rained hard last night, and rained today also.  So, instead, we opted to do a lot of resting, and watching movies.  I have been missing cooking, so when I got up, I cooked a big pot of italian sausage spaghetti, and baked a gluten-free chocolate cake to celebrate Elise's and Sean's birthdays, and also Elise and Daniel's first wedding anniversary. 
We all watched one movie at the cabin, and then headed to Waynesboro to watch The Avengers in 3D.  Keith and I have been wanting to see that one. 
We were surprised to run into Flash when we left the theatre. He was off the trail for a few days visiting his wife and dad. They were also coming to see The Avengers.
We returned to enjoy spaghetti and cake.  We are already sad to be leaving tomorrow.  It will be hard to see everyone leave! Below is a picture of Toby, the resident dog at the cabins. He kept coming by to visit us, and really liked Daniel.
We ended our day with a campfire at the fire pit behind the cabin, making s'mores. Keith taught Elise how to make owl sounds by blowing through your hands (it's a guy thing).

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