Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

On the way from the trail, the Kosinsky's took us to eat at a Red Robin in Roanoke, which had the most delicious hamburgers -- and gluten-free hamburger buns!  I almost fell out of my seat!  It was delicious!
Afterwards, we went to their beautiful home.  It was pouring rain the entire time, which made us feel really grateful to be in their home and not in a tent.  We unpacked and start laying everything we could out to dry.  If the sun comes out, we will put it outside.  We woke up and opened our blinds, and it was like we were sleeping in a tree house.  Their home is on 3 levels, and backs up to beautiful woods.  When you look out the window, all you see is trees. 
We went with them and their friends, Les and Karlyn Daenzer to Smith Mountain Lake and spent the afternoon riding around in Les and Karlyn's beautiful, comfy pontoon boat.  The weather cooperated, and we had a wonderful day on the lake, and we all had packed sandwiches and ate out there.  It was so peaceful, and glassy smooth, I could have easily dozed off a couple of times.(Les, I know you will read this, so thank you do much for such a memorable day!)
The Daenzers are coming over for a dinner tonight.  It's going to be a really wonderful stay with the Kosinsky's, and we are indeed greatly blessed to be here!  They are truly giving us the royal treatment. I

am also getting the special treat of using their computer, and getting caught up on the blog.  We have not had service in days - most frustrating!!
("Camping" again at the Kosinksy's home)

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