Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some history on the trail

Yesterday we treated our clothes, boots, and pack with a chemical called permethrin. We set everything out in the parking lot, sprayed it well, and let it dry for a couple of hours. This is an insecticide that kills ticks on contact, but does not affect humans. We want to be prepared for ticks on the trail.

We went to the local hotel restaurant for supper, and not only was the food good, but they were having a bluegrass band for entertainment. It was not the boys' favorite music, but it was what I heard growing up at home, so I enjoyed it.

When we were paying, we met the mayor of the town, who had just been elected again that same day. He visited with us about our trip, then invited us out to his truck where he gave us Marion, VA pins. He also asked us to send him a postcard when we reached Katahdin. We told him we would.

This morning we were all set to catch an "on demand" type bus back to the trail, but when I checked our checking account, discovered that Keith's debit card had been going shopping- without Keith! Not good. Ended up leaving late, because we had to call the bank, cancel the card, and file a claim.

Finally did all of that, and caught the shuttle back to the trail. The first half of the day was breezy and cool, but about 4 miles of steady uphill. At lunch, we stopped and soaked out feet in a stream while we ate. After lunch, it really got warm, but luckily, the trail leveled outfor quite a while.

In the afternoon, the trail passed by a historic 1-room schoolhouse built in1894. It has been preserved, and was left unlocked with a sign for thru-hikers to please enter and check it out. So we did! Very cute - very Little House on the Prairie.

We hiked on, getting pretty hot, and about 5:00 we passed under I-81 and walked up to a restaurant well knowntothru-hikers - the Barn. It is known for the Hiker Burger, which has a 16 ounce party! We were not THAT hungry, but did order food and ice cream, and all of us drank a large water and two large Pepsi's.

After that, we only had 3 miles to reach where we are camped right now - Davis campsite at mile 545.4

I am happy to report that I bought an Ace bandage in Marion and wrapped my shin, and today I had no pain. Yay! Hopefully, this will continue. The boys are both complaining about their feet, and are trying out new insoles today. Hopefully that will be a success.

Tonight we are sleeping for the first night without the rain fly - this will make it cooler. Hopefully the weather prediction of no rain is accurate!

We actually have 3G on the side of this mountain, so I am hopeful I can upload this tonight! Good night everyone!

- Steady and F100

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