Friday, May 4, 2012

Any botany nerds out there?

Today was much cooler and we had a light cloud cover and breeze all day. Thank goodness! The elevation profile looked pretty tough til late in the day.
I saw the neatest flowers today, and am hopeful that someone out there can let me know what they are. The small light pink ones have foliage like an azalea, but the other one - I have no idea what they are. It was about a foot high, and I only saw one plant like it all day. Would love to know what it is, but can't access the Internet from this campsite.
Today was another day of rolling hills. At the highest point, we crossed a cleared hill and had a beautiful view of the surrounding hills. We also crossed a really nice creek this morning, with a large footbridge. I really enjoy seeing all of the different styles of footbridges. Keith makes fun of me because I keep stopping and taking pictures of them.
The best thing about today - no stiles! Yay!
We are camped at Davis Farm

campsite, mile 572.2

What is this???

Would love to know what this is -

One of the shelters on the trail:

- Steady and F100


Elise said...

Oooh! Ooh! Me!

The second type looks like a bunch of Pink Lady's Slipper Orchids. Not sure yet about the first . . .

Elise said...

The first is mountain laurel! What do I win?

Keith and Linda Geraghty said...

I knew you'd come to the rescue!

Keith and Linda Geraghty said...

So glad to find out what those are! I'm especially happy that we've seen a lady slipper! Apparently those are rather rare. I was hoping to see one, but thought it would be in the Smokies.