Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Shelter from the Rain

Today we lucked out, because everytime it rained, we were able to duck into a shelter to pass the time.
First, we hiked out of the area around Griffith Lake, and climbed Baker Peak. We met a young guy hiking the Long Trail and he was just taking the first picture of his hike. I told him I had taken over 2000.

We soon hiked to a beautiful pond called Little Rock Pond.  It started to rain.  We ducked into a really nice, new shelter with a big covered deck, and were soon joined by a dozen little boys at summer camp and their counselors.  One of them asked if we lived there.
We hiked on and started climbing into one of those beautiful fir forests with green moss on all of the rocks.  It looked just like a Christmas tree farm.  We reached one point where hikers had built so many cairns, it resembled some sort of art exhibit.  We enjoyed looking at it, and adding to it as well.
We ended up camping at a shelter that had no level land around it.  It was hard to find a tent spot.  It started raining right as we ate supper, and we ate inside the shelter and enjoyed the rain on the trees.  A couple of sobos showed up, and we enjoyed hearing about their adventures to the north.  One of them was named Smoky, because he smoked too much.  He was out of cigarettes, and 2 days from town.  We encouraged him to give them up.  I think he thought we were kidding.  We were not.

(Camped at Greenwall Shelter, mile 1670.7)


Sneede said...

2000!? That's a lot of film!

Elise said...

This section of the trail looks really beautiful - maybe my favorite since the Smokies!