Saturday, July 7, 2012

Barking Frogs

We rested as much as we could today, then Keith and I borrowed Dania's rental car and went to see the latest Spiderman flick. It was actually very good, but did we really need another Spiderman flick?
Swamprat and Dania rested up after their two fun-filled sightseeing days, and then after supper we headed to the trail. We figured we'd hike in a short ways and camp. Dania has to catch a really early flight in the morning, so she was going to drop us off, stay the night in the hotel, and then fly out early.
When we got to the trail, we saw another hiker crossing the road coming out of the woods, and did not recognize him at first, but as he got closer, we realized it was James, who we had not seen in about two months! He was the 18 year old from Scotland. Like most men on the trail, his looks had changed because of the longer hair and beard.
He was happy to see us, and told us he had been one day behind us for a long time, as he would look for our entries in the shelter logs. He ended up camping with us by a pond. As it got dark, bullfrogs began croaking, and they were so loud and large in number, it sounded like dogs barking all night. We all vowed never to camp by a pond again!

- Steady and F100

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