Thursday, July 5, 2012

You are Here

We saw this map posted on the bulletin board of the little league ballfield that we camped at in Greenwood Lake, NY, and it's the first map I've seen in a while that showed our location.  Although most people would look at it and think we have a long way to go, I found it very encouraging!!!  These northern states go by MUCH faster than the southern ones did, and so we feel like we are making a lot of progress.  Now, if we can just manage to leave the heat behind!!!
We started our day off with a really great breakfast at this diner down the hill called Johnny D's.  It was seriously great food in seriously huge quantities.  Keith ordered the Hungry Man Breakfast, and we could not believe how much food it was!  I think it was 4 eggs, 4 pancakes, 4 sausages (huge, plump sausages, like italian sausage), and 4 pieces of bacon.  Yikes!  He shared with me, luckily.
Our plan was to stay off of our feet as much as possible, rest up, and drink plenty of water.  Swamprat and Dania ended up going to West Point, which is close by, but we just didn't really want to walk much, and I wasn't really feeling myself quite yet.  We did end up going to Walmart that evening and buying resupply for when we got back on the trail in a few days.  And we got laundry done, including washing of sleeping bags.  The hotel has a large balcony, and we could lay them out to dry in the scorching sun.  We spent a lot of time in the hotel room watching HBO.  Not exciting, but exactly what we needed.
This evening, Keith and I made the unfortunate decision to go and see "Ted," a movie that he heard was good.  I still regret wasting my time.  It was playing really close to the hotel though.  The best part of the movie was, I was in air conditioning, and off of my feet, with popcorn and a Pepsi (yuck-no choice) in my lap. 

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