Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting to Massachusetts was Painful and Beautiful

This morning we left the Cemetary early, realizing we had quite a tough day ahead of us. We had three mountains to get over, and about a good 2000 foot gain in elevation. We were hoping for cooler temps and nice views, and we got both.

The first climb was challenging, but not too bad, but the second and third climbs brought steep rocky slopes and rock faces, that really wore us out by the end of the day.

These were some of the most beautiful views we've seen in weeks. We also followed a really lovely clear mountain stream for miles. It cascaded into pool after pool, and we kicked ourselves for passing up such awesome swimming holes, but we had a lot of miles to cover today, and didn't have much play time. We really needed to hike. The higher elevation brought nice cool temps and a great breeze. We had lunch on Race Mountain, which had an old rock tower on top which was built in the 1880's.

Somewhere between Race Mountain and Everett, we hit the Massachusetts state line!

By the time we topped the third mountain we were completely wiped out, and only needed to find a flat space to tent. This ended up taking four more miles - very tough, rocky miles. Then we reached a parking lot with trail magic - fresh water and cold drinks! We filled out bottles and hiked on to find a campsite. By the time we camped, we all thought we'd drop. We ended up crawling in the tents and cooking in the dark - the first time we've had to do this.

- Steady and F100

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