Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keith's Parents Arrive!

We hiked so far yesterday, that we only had 4.4 miles to hike to reach Great Barrington, where we would be spending three nights, and having at least one zero day.  Since we were only hiking 4.4 miles, this day would be a day full of rest, as well.
We had a lot of mosquitos along the way today, and so were glad when we would come out of the woods every once in a while.  At one point, we crossed a cornfield, and there was a monument there commemorating Shay's Rebellion, which happened in 1787. 
When we finally reached the main road into Great Barrington, we found trail magic -  a cooler full of ice cold Cokes that was left for hikers, as well as a cardboard sign that read, "AT Hiker needs ride."  We each had a cold drink, and put the sign to good use, and had a ride within minutes.
As soon as we got cleaned up, I ran out and did laundry, and by the time I got done, Keith's parents arrived at the hotel.  They have come from Maine to stay a few days, and really help us out by bringing all of our supplies that we have been shipping to them, so we can get what we need.  They are also planning on shuttling us so we can do some slackpacking.  We are so thankful that they are here!

Right after lunch, we saw James walking down the road and called him over. He was heading back to the trail in the heat of the day - and it was hot! We called him over and invited him into the AC to cool off. He ended up hanging out with us all day, and going out for supper. We convinced him to stay off the trail one more day since it was so hot. He slept on the pull out couch in Swamprat's room, and we told him we'd give him a ride to the trail in the morning. We all went out for Italian food that night.

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