Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday F100!

Today was Keith's birthday. His parents brought all of the essentials for Keith to enjoy, including Wise potato chips, Ring Dings (childhood favorites), and a delicious birthday cake! They also brought me some yummy gluten-free cupcakes - sweet!!!
About midmorning, we took James back to the trail. He was ready to head north again. We told him we'd catch up to him.
We tackled resupply at the grocery store, and also took Swamprat to the outfitter for new shoes. As I was waiting for the guys to finish up at the outfitter, I was sitting outside, checking out the shops on the Main Street of Great Barrington, and I couldn't believe my eyes! On a big banner across the street, there was an ad for Sing Along Sound of Music! I never knew this even existed! I can't imagine anywhere I'd rather be! Better yet, what a great event to take Keith to for his birthday! I checked on dates, and sadly, we just missed it. It was July 14th. If only I had known, we could have hiked faster!! This show is definitely in my future, however.
We went to a local pub for lunch and had great food. It was a really great zero day, and the best part was, Richard and Emilie were here to share it with us!!
- Steady and F100

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