Monday, July 9, 2012

Crossing the Hudson River

We hiked out of the city park nice and early, hoping not to be discovered by any park employees. Within a half-mile we were walking past the toll booths on the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River. It was really a beautiful scene, and just felt very special. There was a huge American flag hanging over one end of the bridge. There was also a sign at one end marking the Appalachian Trail.

We watched a train coming up the tracks on the edge of the river, and Swamprat told us that when he and Dania took the train into NYC two days before, that was the way they came. It would have been a very scenic train ride!

When we got to the other end of the bridge, we met another hiker named Twisted Sister 2. We met her sister a little later - you guessed it - Twisted Sister 1. We also met our first southbounder, Miles Davis. He was the very first Sobo to leave Mt. Katahdin this year, heading for Georgia, and he was flying!

Later, we crossed a road and got the great surprise of walking right in front of a brand new business on the trail- the Appalachian Deli! We all stopped in and had wonderful food. Hoagies and pizza for the boys - omelette and hash browns for me. This was indeed an unexpected treat!

- Steady and F100


Granny V said...

Glad to have found your blog! Found Swamp Rat's but nothing about Steady...glad you are still keeping those boys in line!
Things go well in the mountains - we picked up lots of trash from the shores of Watauga and when we got back to the car, it registered 109! Luckily it's lovely and cool now.
No bears yet but the bushes and trees are growing way too fast! As are the weeds!
Off to NY/NJ at the end of the month, but you'll be long gone by then!
Keep on truckin' and come back again to relax and enjoy the steam shower and hot tub!
Vikki aka Crazy Lady

Keith and Linda Geraghty said...

Hi Vikki - we miss you, and have spoken of you often and fondly. We all agree we will never top your hospitality and accomodations. We can not get back there soon enough!!! Thank you for commenting!